Company Background

Vision, Mission, Objectives and Core Values towards a better service provider.

ARDCI Microfinance, Incorporated was first established as a government-aided project called Catanduanes Agricultural Support Program (CatAg). Jointly funded by the national government and the European Union, it began as a five-year development program governed by the Department of Agriculture to rid the strain of poverty in rural communities of Catanduanes. That premise conceived a viable and fully autonomous rural financial institution of confederated Savings Loan Systems (SLS) managed by its modest fellowship of farmers and small business-owners. The founding members’ eagerness to sustain the revenue influx and growth preceded the transition to Agricultural and Rural Development of Catanduanes, Incorporated (ARDCI). This historic evolution was pivotal to the life of many who aspired to sever the restraints of financial scarcity. Today, ARDCI is no longer just a name, but the legacy of a group of common folks that has flourished into an organization built for the common people.


1995 – Catanduanes Agriculture (CatAg) Support Program, a development program of the Department of Agriculture and the European Union, was launched to improve the livelihood of rural communities in Catanduanes.

1998 – The agricultural program’s culmination heralded its transition to a non-government organization known to the public as Agricultural and Rural Development of Catanduanes, Incorporated (ARDCI). This was made official on September 11, 1998 by the founding members through Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registration.

2002 – On October 8, 2002, Catanduanes became home to the first microfinance-oriented bank in the Philippines named VisionBank, Inc. – A Rural Bank which primarily offered services to Virac, Bato, and San Miguel.

2012 – ARDCI completed its new organizational shift as ARDCI NGO Group, Inc. by virtue of filing its amended articles of incorporation under the company registration number 1199800277 per SEC confirmation.

2013 – ARDCI Corporate Inn (ACI), a hotel subsidiary of ARDCI NGO Group, Inc., was developed to offer a variety of affordable facilities and services to the locals and visitors in Catanduanes.

2015 – VisionBank, Inc. – A Rural Bank was renamed ARDCIBank, Inc., – A Rural Bank to align with the branding of its mother organization.

2017 – In compliance with the requirements of Microfinance NGO Regulatory Council (MNRC), ARDCI has again amended its name into ARDCI Microfinance, Incorporated (ARDCI MFI). On February of the same year, ARDCI Prime Security Services (APSS) Inc., a home-grown security agency in Catanduanes, was established as the organization’s third subsidiary set to provide security services for ARDCI MFI and other private and public institutions.

2020 – ARDCI Credit Corporation (ACC), fourth of ARDCI MFI’s subsidiaries, was launched on January 8, 2020 to cater to the monetary needs of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises beyond the scope of microfinancing.

2021 – ARDCI Foundation, Inc. (AFI) was inaugurated on August 8, 2021. AFI is an offshoot of ARDCI MFI’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) organized as a nonstock corporation which engages in charitable activities. On this same year, ARDCI Mart Inc. (AMI) and ARDCI Business and Development Center (ABDC) were both registered in effect through the Securities and Exchange Commission as ARDCI MFI’s fifth and sixth subsidiary.

2022 – ARDCI MFI unveils ARDCI Corporate Building 2 for the expansion of ARDCI Hotel services and facilities which includes additional premiere suites, function halls, music lounges, and a restaurant. Alongside this, was the opening of ARDCI Business Center, ARDCI Mart, and Miniso Virac in Moonwalk, Virac, Catanduanes.

2023 – ARDCI MFI celebrated its 25th founding anniversary. Chairpersons from different branches came to Catanduanes to celebrate this event. It was a weeklong celebration which concluded with a gala night, honoring Sidlang Awardees whose efforts have made an impactful contribution to their community.



The best-managed grassroots-led development organization of empowered poor communities in the Philippines.
To provide responsive products and services to poor communities for the upliftment of their socio-economic well-being.


Core Values

  1. To efficiently serve 250,000 member-poor households by providing responsive products and services through our 150 branch offices.
  2. To foster an environment anchored on the culture of excellence and integrity, and institute a holistic development towards a happy and dignified life of our personnel.
  3. To optimize the sustainable utilization of financial resources and engage in allied undertakings that will complement our social programs.
  4. To continuously integrate the tenets of Social Performance Management in our decision-making practices both in the strategic and operational level anchored on good governance and ethical leadership.
  5. To sustain a trusting relationship with our partner-institutions for the attainment of common goals and satisfactorily comply with the standards of the industry.
  • Excellence Driven
  • Integrity
  • Genuine concern for others
  • Humility
  • Teamwork

ARDCI Subsidiaries and Affiliates

ARDCIBank, Inc - A Rural Bank
ARDCI Prime Security Services (APSS), Inc.
ARDCI Credit Corporation
ARDCI Foundation, Inc.
ARDCI Business Center